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The World´s Water Crises Explained

From Not Enough to Too Much, the World’s Water Crisis Explained

Many more cities than Cape Town face an uncertain future over water. But there are emerging solutions.

“Day Zero,” when at least a million homes in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, will no longer have any running water,

Sauberes Wasser wird knapper...weltweit gesehen
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Die Wasserversorgung ist eines der wichtigsten globalen Themen.

Wasser wird mehr und mehr die strategische Ressource schlechthin darstellen.

Global water crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

Every child deserves clean water.

There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. Yet, from Cape Town to Flint, Michigan, and from rural, sub-Saharan Africa to Asia’s teeming megacities, there’s a global water crisis.

Cities in the face of drought
More than five billion people could suffer water shortages by 2050, as a vicious combination of climate change, increased demand and wasteful inefficiencies plunge the world’s water supply under threat. The Telegraph investigates what can be done to prevent future crises.
Water becoming more valuable than gold

Over the past 10 years the S&P 500 Global Water index has outperformed the bellwether gold and energy indices. Water becoming more valuable than gold


Flow-technical procedures and functionality according to the WAVE® principle


The Wieser'sche Antigravity Vortex Effect = "WAVE" principle

can further be explained by the interaction of various, already for centuries known theories.


Wieser´sche Antigravity Vortex Effect (WAVE® Principle):

During the acceleration phase of the turbine, matter is attracted by the turbine through the flow accelerating and soaking turbine structure.

It forms a vortex effect / vortex-forming suction effect in front of the turbine, which makes in addition to the classic mechanical energy usage out of the air flow, the attractive force of the space sources of the quantum vacuum usable.

The air molecules are electrostatically charged and form an electromagnetic rotating field source, which makes space energy usable in all places of earth, since space is permanently and uniformly present everywhere.

With activation of the vortex effect and construction of an electromagnetic rotating field source, a low-pressure zone builds up around the turbine and envelops it. This leads to the formation of a gravitational field around the rotating turbine, which consequently reduces and eliminates the centrifugal forces.

The moment of inertia of the turbine is reduced and neutralized with increasing speed.

The "WAVE®" principle also leads to a space-time twisting and warping, since substance is attracted from the environment, and therefore according to the special theory of relativity after Albert Einstein to the three-dimensional space coordinates (x, y, z) also the time component (ct) becomes important. Forces are proportional to the speed with the power of the additional wind speeds plus the WAVE principle from the variables (vz + wave).

Prerequisites are the constructive Windgiant® turbine geometries with additional components and special design parameters.

The Wieser'sche Antigravitation Vortex Effect = „WAVE®“ Principle is copyrighted. This also applies to technical advancements and other possible technical system solutions. Changes, additions and further developments reserved.

Copyright by Gerhard Wieser, CEO - Windgiant Energy & Water Systems according to “WAVE®“ Principle. Austria, Schiedlberg, November 2013


Performance formula for Windgiant Energy Systems: 0,5*16/27*p*(v+vz+wave)³ *A

vz+wave = Additional wind speeds + WAVE® Principle

vz+wave =Additional wind speeds at all wind speeds 75% up to 135% valid for Windgiant Single Turbine Systems according to Wave Principle

vz+wave = Additional wind speeds at all wind speeds 200% up to 225% valid for Windgiant Double Turbine Systems according to Wave Principle

vz+wave = Additional wind speeds at all wind speeds 300% up to 325% valid for Windgiant Energy Towers with Double Turbine Systems according to Wave Principle

These kinetic energy performances appear at all wind speeds with the four-dimensional coordinates x, y, z, ct through the resulting additional wind speeds (vz + wave) according to the WAVE® principle.

1.Bernoullie Effect:

Daniel Bernoulli discovered the relationship between the flow rate of a fluid and its pressure. He found out that in a flowing fluid (gas or liquid) a speed increase is accompanied by a pressure drop.

2.Venturi Effect:

Venturi discovered that the flow rate of an incompressible fluid flowing through a pipe is inversely proportional to a changing pipe cross-section. That is, the velocity of the fluid is greatest where the cross-section of the tube is smallest.

3.Laval Nozzle Effect

According to Laval: In the convergent part, the flow is accelerated. In the divergent part, the flow is further accelerated. Pressure and temperature drop from the narrowest compression point.

4. Casimir Effect:

The energy from the vacuum directly exerts a force on material bodies. Due to the vortex-forming vortex effect, the attractive force of the space sources of the quantum vacuum is harnessed. The air molecules are electrostatically charged, forming a rotating electromagnetic field source and making the space energy usable.

5.Coanda Effect:

When the surface recedes from the original direction of flow, the flow does not continue straight on, but follows the curved surface. Normal flows can only limited follow a convex curve, and then detach from the curved surface.

6.Relativity Theory after Albert Einstein and Mach´s Principle:

According to Machs' principle, the assumption is that the inertial forces of a body do not depend on its motion relative to an absolute space, but on its motion relative to the other masses in the universe.

Thereafter, the inertial forces are a result of the interaction of the masses with each other. Thus, the centrifugal forces of a rotating body should disappear when the rest of the universe rotates. (Theory of relativity after Albert Einstein)

7.Relativity Theory after Albert Einstein and Lense Thirring Effect:

This effect describes how the rotating inertial mass affects the local inertial system, which can easily be thought of as the rotating mass slightly pulls along the space-time around it like a viscous fluid, thereby twisting it.

8.Spacetime in Relativity Theory after Albert Einstein:

In the special theory of relativity (SRT) the three-dimensional space coordinates (x, y, z) are extended by a time component (ct) to a four-vector, i.e. (ct, x, y, z) or in another convention (x, y, z). z, ict), with the imaginary unit i, i2 = -1, as the fourth component.

Forces are proportional to speed with the fourth power (after Albert Einstein).


WAVE ® principle functionality to project: Windgiant Wind Single Turbines, Wind Double Turbines and Wind Turbine Towers : Wieser´sche Antigravitations Vortex Effekt"


Formationof an electromagneticfieldsource isrotatingturbines anddrive systems


Functionality by WAVE® principle

Description Windgiant® operating systems by WAVE® principle- 10 kW to 1.600 kW and higher

Windgiant® WAVE® systems according to the wind flow. Windgiant turbine use the compressed air flow and flow accelerating buoyant taking advantage of after the WAVE ® System.

Copyright by G. Wieser , CEO - Windgiant Energy & Water Technology Systems ,


News by WAVE® Principle

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