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The World´s Water Crises Explained

From Not Enough to Too Much, the World’s Water Crisis Explained

Many more cities than Cape Town face an uncertain future over water. But there are emerging solutions.

“Day Zero,” when at least a million homes in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, will no longer have any running water,

Sauberes Wasser wird knapper...weltweit gesehen
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Die Wasserversorgung ist eines der wichtigsten globalen Themen.

Wasser wird mehr und mehr die strategische Ressource schlechthin darstellen.

Global water crisis: Facts, FAQs, and how to help

Every child deserves clean water.

There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. Yet, from Cape Town to Flint, Michigan, and from rural, sub-Saharan Africa to Asia’s teeming megacities, there’s a global water crisis.

Cities in the face of drought
More than five billion people could suffer water shortages by 2050, as a vicious combination of climate change, increased demand and wasteful inefficiencies plunge the world’s water supply under threat. The Telegraph investigates what can be done to prevent future crises.
Water becoming more valuable than gold

Over the past 10 years the S&P 500 Global Water index has outperformed the bellwether gold and energy indices. Water becoming more valuable than gold


Wind Turbine Towers & Double Turbines

Efficient renewable Wind power technology for the energy transition, for climate protection and for long-term energy supply security.


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Efficient renewable Energy is the key to the development of decentralized energy systems in the low-voltage range up to 400 volts for gradual energy supply independence.


Climate friendly Wind Energy and Water Technologies on regional security of supply

Hall 3 Typs engl View perspectives wind turbine tower 60 kW, and double turbine 25 kW


Efficient energy supply technologies for "SMART CITIES"

CitybVar. englisch

 View perspectives wind double turbines 25 kW for solution Smart Cities


Advantages of Windgiant Wind Turbine Towers & Double Turbines: 

  1. - Windgigant turbine technology uses the acceleration of the airflow at all wind speeds
  2. - Efficient energy generation already at low wind, start up from 1.0 m/sec,
  3. - Due to flow acceleration high energy density with increased power coefficient per m2 turbine area.
  4. -  Very quiet operation of all Windgigant technologies below 45 dB(A) from 4 m distance.
  5. - No bird strike and no cast shadow/disco effect.
  6. - For landscape, design allows extended use of sites due to low headroom.
  7. - Reduced required shoring area due to high energy density to the state of the art.
  8. - Double Turbines also applicable for Smart City applications and in populated areas.
  9. - Depending on their size, wind turbine towers require smaller distances from residential areas. 
  10. - Wind Turbine Towers with distinctive added value of parallel water harvesting from wind flow.
  11. - In case of absolute windlessness, water extraction from wind flow by motorized turbine operation.
  12. Modular extensions for solar energy use, electric charging station, electric storage.


Modular expansion systems create added value

Windgigant wind energy systems can also be equipped with additional modular functions at a later point in time:

  1. - Electric charging station(s),
  2. - energy storage systems,
  3. Cash and cashless payment terminals
  4. - Used water treatment
  5. -  Installation of digital video walls on the wind turbine towers
  6. - Energy utilization via solar panels or photovoltaic modules at the wind turbine towers Area      

So that clean Energy and fresh Water can flow, where it is needed!


Clean energy from wind power and fresh water from wind flow & its entrained humidity components from 1 m/sec to 15 m/sec continuous operation.

Wind Turbine Towers with double safety control system parallel to the classical wind power operation:

All wind turbine towers from 30 kW to 1.6 MW have an additional safety control system per installed double turbine.

For all twin turbines, the wind flow supply is controlled via a hydraulically controlled lifting cylinder wind gate by "opening and closing" in the wind tower at the tower bottom to the respective twin turbines from 30 kW to 1.6 MW.

Via the PLC control system, the wind flow supply to the individual twin turbines is regulated via the wind gate depending on the wind speed.

  1. From startup at 1 m/sec wind speed, each individual twin turbine is switched on by opening the wind gate.
    2. From 12 m/sec to 15 m/sec strong wind, the respective wind gate closes between 25% to 50% for further controlled and safe wind power operation in strong wind.
    3. From 15 m/sec to 16 m/sec strong wind, the wind gate closes to each twin turbine.
    4. From 11-12 m/sec wind speed the wind gate opens again with connection of the respective twin turbine.

This double safety control concept is based on the combination of wind power and hydropower control technology that has been successfully used for decades.

Wind Turbine Towers with modular water harvesting technology:

Modular technology enables parallel water supply security with fresh water for humans, animals and all our environment.

Water extraction through condensation out of the air flow- from 10° C  up to 50° C - minimum air humidity 30% and higher

The condensation appears when the air cools down. If the air temperature decreases, less air humidity can be extracted (used for extraction?) than before. If the air humidity reaches 100%, the steam is omitted through the condensation process as so called 'mizzle droplets'. The water extracted through condensation is left for further usage as for example arbitration or drinking water preparation.

24h Water generation even in absolutele windless conditions by motorized double turbine operation, for all Wind TurbineTowers from 30 kW to 1.6 MW.

Due to the motorized fan operation of the double turbines, a continuousily controlled wind flow is avaiable for water produktion over 24 h, at least from 10° C to 50° C, even in absolute windlessness. Required humidity 30% and higher.


Clean water for people, animals, nature and agriculture- "Blue Gold"


Wind Turbine Towers - 30 kW to 200 kW

 Wind Turbine Tower - 30 kW

 30 2 kW englisch Beschriftung Mit Bodenplatte gesamt 30 1 kW englisch Beschriftung Mit Bodenplatte gesamt

View perspectives wind turbine tower 30 kW


 Wind Turbine Tower - 60 kW

 60 1 ABC 2.2 rechts vorne engl. mit Bodenplatte 60 kW 2.0. E Turm 29.03.2022 60 2 kW ABC 1.2 rechts engl. mit Bodenplatte 60 kW 2.0. E Turm 29.03.2022

View perspectives wind turbine tower 60 kW


Wind Turbine Tower - 120 kW

 120 1 ABC mit Beschriftung 1.2 engl. Grüne Bodenplatte 120 kW 2 ABC mit Beschriftung 2.2 engl. Grüne Bodenplatte

View perspectives wind turbine tower 120 kW


Wind Turbine Tower - 200 kW

200 kW 2 deutsch ABC 4.0 links deutsch Beschriftung mit Bodenplatte 200 kW 1 engl.ABC 2.0 rechts Beschriftung mit Bodenplatte E Turm 200 kW 23.07.21 Modell
 View perspectives wind turbine tower 200 kW

 200 kW Gesamt 11.April.2022 200 kW 21.01  200 kW engl .April.2022 42.02

View perspectives wind turbine tower 200 kW, Drive technology


Double Turbines 15 kW, 25 kW and 50 kW


Double Turbine - 25 kW

25 kW englisch 1.1 2022.03.24 mit Leiter 25 kW 25 kW englisch 2.1 2022.03.24 mit Leiter 25 kW

 View perspectives double turbine 25 kW

25 kW englisch 13.1.1 2022.04.09 mit Leiter 25 kW 25 kW englisch 131 Bemassung 2022.04.09 mit Leiter 25 kW

 View perspectives double turbine 25 kW, drive technology


Wind Turbine Towers - 400 kW to 1.6 MW

 Wind Turbine Tower 400 kW - with 2 double turbines of 200 kW each

 400 kW 2 engl. 1ABC.2.1 engl. ggm 400 kW 1 engl. 1ABC.0 ggm Fertig

View perspectives wind turbine tower 400 kW - modular design with 2 double turbines of 200 kW nominal power each


Wind Turbine Tower 800 kW - with 4 double turbines of 200 kW each

 800 kw englisch vorne 2.0 ggm 800 kw englisch vorne 3.0 ggm

View perspectives wind turbine tower 800 kW - modular design with 4 double turbines of 200 kW nominal power each


Wind Turbine Tower 1.6 MW - with 8 double turbines of 200 kW each

 16 MW englisch 1.1 Fertiger Zus.Bau 3.1 1600 kW 16 MW englisch 2.2 Fertiger Zus.Bau 3.1 1600 kW

View perspectives wind turbine tower 1,6 MW - modular design with 8 double turbines of 200 kW nominal power each


Single Turbines- Performance formulas - Product inquiry form - Business Award Berlin 2022 nomination

Single Turbine System:
P1020495_640x480 P1020499_640x480View perspectives Wind Single Turbine 20 kW, d= 4,5 m,

Power formula for Windgiant Wind Turbine Systems:

0,5*16/27*p*(v+vz+wave)³ *A

vz+wave = additional wind speeds + WAVE® Principle

vz+wave =additional wind speeds  at all wind speeds 75% to 135% valid for       Windgiant Single  Turbine Systems according to the Wave Principle.

vz+wave=additional wind speeds  at all wind speeds 200% to 225% valid for    Windgiant  Double turbine Systems according to theWave Principle.

vz+wave =additional wind speeds  at all wind speeds 300% to 325% valid for     Windgiant Wind Turbine Tower Systems according to the Wave Principle.

3D cfd engl.150

3D cfd-computer fluid dynamic test series was done in virtual wind tunnel with a test series of 2700 to 7000 calculation repetitions (Iterations) on different wind turbine designs.


These kinetic energy performances apply at various wind speeds alongside the four-dimensional coordinates x,y,z,ct through the resulting additional wind speeds (vz+wave) according to the WAVE® Principle.


For detailed information about the WAVE principlefollow  our link button.


Product Inquiry Data Sheet:

For product inquiries on our Windgigant technology, follow our link button and provide us with your energy and possible water demand requirements in a prefabricated survey data sheet via email.


Nomination for "BUSINESS AWARD BERLIN 2022"

Business Award Berlin 2022


Technical changes and further developments to the state of the art reserved.

Copyright for the original texts of CEO - Mst. Gerhard Wieser - the Windgiant® Smart Energy & Water Systems, as well as for the photos, calculations and illustrations.  April 2022.