Fluidic procedures and processes according to WAVE® principle

1.Bernoullie - Venturi effect and Laval nozzles :

Daniel Bernoulli discovered the relationship between the flow rate of a fluid and its pressure. He found out that, in a flowing fluid ( gas or liquid) , a speed increase is accompanied by a pressure drop.

Venturi discovered that the flow rate of a flowing incompressible fluid through a tube is inversely proportional to a changing pipe diameter. That is, the velocity of the fluid is at its greatest where the cross-section of the tube is smallest. After Laval : In the convergent part of the flow is accelerated . In the divergent part of the flow is further accelerated , pressure and temperature fall off from the closest compression point .

2 Casimir effect and Turtur :

The energy from the vacuum exerts a direct manner a force on material bodies . Through the so called vortex forming vortex effect is made ​​the attractive force of the quantum vacuum of space sources available . The air molecules become electro statically and form a rotating electromagnetic field source , and makes the space usable energy .

3.Coanda effect :

If the area receding from the original direction of flow , the flow not flow straight on , but follows the curved surface. Normal flows can follow only limited a convex curve , and then detach from the curved surface .

4.After the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein and Mach's principle :

After the Mach's principle, the assumption is that the forces of inertia of a body does not depend on its motion relative to an absolute space, but of its motion relative to the other masses in the universe.

Thereafter, the inertial forces are a result of the interaction of the compounds with each other. Thus, the centrifugal forces of a rotating body should disappear when the rest of the universe rotates along .

According to the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein and the Lense Thirring effect :

This effect describes the influence of the local inertial frame by the rotating mass, which can be thought of simplified so that the rotating mass of the spacetime around themselves like a viscous fluid drags slightly and thus twisted.

5.Wieser 'sche Anti-gravity Vortex Effect ( WAVE® principle):

During the acceleration phase of the turbine material is attracted to the turbine by the flow accelerating and sogbildende turbine design .

It forms a vortex effect / turbulence generating suction effect before the turbine , which additionally makes available besides the classical mechanical energy from the air flow, the attractive force of the room sources of the quantum vacuum .

The air molecules become electro statically and form a rotating electromagnetic field source , which makes the room energy in all places of the earth , usable, since space is everywhere permanently and uniformly present .

With the activation of the vortex effect and the establishment of a rotating electromagnetic field source is a low pressure zone builds up around the turbine and wraps this one. This leads to a formation of a gravitational field by the rotating turbine, which cancels the centrifugal force as a result .

The moment of inertia of the turbine is reduced and neutralized.

The "WAVE " principle also leads to twisting and warping of spacetime , as matter is attracted .

The Wieser'sche anti-gravity vortex effect (WAVE® principle),  is protected by copyright , this also applies to technical advancements such as the WAVE Airjet , as well as other applicable technical system solutions. Changes, additions and further developments.

Windgiant® Super Power Systems: (0.5*p*v4) * (0.59 %)

These benefits go with the fourth power of the four-dimensional coordinates ct, x , y , z, a .

The Wieser'sche Anti-Gravity Vortex Effect WAVE leads to twisting and warping of spacetime , as matter is attracted from the environment , and therefore widens towards the special theory of relativity by Albert Einstein to the three-dimensional space coordinates ( x , y, z) is the time component (ct) added . Forces go to a speed proportional to the fourth power .

Requirement are the constructive Windgiant® turbines geometries with their design parameters

Spacetime in special relativity theory by Albert Einstein

In the special relativity theory (SRT ), the three-dimensional space coordinates ( x , y , z) a time component (CT) expanded to a four-vector , ie (CT, x , y, z ) or in any other convention (x, y, z, ICT), with the imaginary unit i , i2 = -1 , the fourth component.

WAVE® principle functionality to project 1 to 4: Wieser´sche Antigravitations Vortex Effekt"

WAVE_System_Iteration_10- WAVE_System_Iteration_20- WAVE_System_Iteration_30-

Formation of an electromagnetic field source is rotating turbines and drive systems


Functionality by WAVE® principle

Description Windgiant® operating systems by WAVE® principle- 10 kW to 50 kW

Windgiant® WAVE® systems according to the wind flow. Windgiant turbine use the compressed air flow and flow accelerating buoyant taking advantage of after the WAVE ® System.

Windgiant® 20 kW, with flagpole for lightning protection, anemometer and obstruction lights

Procedures at Windgiant turbines, according to WAVE® principle

> Start-up speed at 0.5 - 0.6 m / sec
> Wake forming vortex / swirl effect on the turbine inflow direction
> Higher speeds at turbine shaft
> Increase the vectorial Rotation wind speed at the turbine
> Flow acceleration to 125 %
> Increased buoyancy acting performances
> Reduction of the total pressure turbine in high vacuum in the range 15 to 20 pascal
> Reduction and abolition of frictional resistance
> Turbine rotates wrapped in low-pressure zone
> Education of gravitational field around the turbine as " Mach's Principle "
> Reduction and neutralization of the moment of inertia of the turbine
> Center of gravity moves to the drive shaft of the turbine
> Use the " Lense- Thirring effect" , rotating mass pulls space and time with this twisted
> Multiple performance per m2 at all wind speeds
> Noise level at 10 m distance always below 40 dB (A )
> Use the energy from the air flow with parallel use of energy from quantum vacuum
> Bundled energy use by WAVE® principle - " Wieser'sche Anti gravity Vortex Effect"

The Wieser´sche Anti gravity Vortex Effect - WAVE® principle , is copyrighted , this also applies to technical developments in and on other applicable technical system solutions. Changes , additions, and further developments.

Copyright by G. Wieser , CEO - Windgiant Energy & Technology Systems , November 2013


Funktionalität nach WAVE®

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