Windgiant® References I

Start WIndgiant turbine at low wind speeds of 0,6 to 0,7 m/sec. With a hub height of 8 m

roughness from 4 to 3,5, so maximum usable kinetic energy per m2 between 13% and 18%.                                          See attached table roughness classes 0 to 4. Wind speed at the Video 3,7 m/sec

wind turbines are between starting at 0.5 m / sec to 20 m/sec complete
silent, and give back only the ambient noise of the wind. Wind speed at the Video 3,7 m/sec.

Even at low hub heights of 8 m working here as the Windgiant system properly.
well-known flywheel effect of smoothing out the turbine speed curves
optimally between the from wind gusts. This gives them an ideal
Trailing behavior between the wind gusts. Wind speed at the Video 4,2 m/sec.