Hydro Power Plant Wolkenstein-600 kW, 8 m³/sec

Emergence and development of Windgiant energy and technology systems by Wave® by CEO G. Wieser - Austria:

As managing partner of Marbacher power plants Ltd. and L & W power plants Ltd.(1992 to 1998), the long-standing acquired knowledge and know-how has been introduced from the hydroelectric power plant technology in the internationally patented Windgiant energy & technology systems.

Hydro power plant Wolkenstein, Sachsen-Germany,

Hydro power plant Wolkenstein, Turbine house

Hydro power plant Wolkenstein, at the river  Zschopau in Sachsen, Germany
Turbine house  with 2 Francis Turbines - commissioning

Hydro power plant Wolkenstein, fortification in