Smart Energy & Water Technologies

Smart Energy and Water technologies for population with sustainability

Energy - resource for power

Water - resource for life - nature (Blue gold)


Windgiant Double Turbine with 50 kW,

USP,s: Windgiant wind energy systems to the power production - can be postprepared with module arenas additional functions like electric loading stations, to energy storage systems, water production, drinking water processing also for a later time.


Windgiant Energy Tower with 120 kW combinated with double turbine

Water extraction through condensation out of the air flow

The condensation appears when the air cools down. If the air temperature decreases, less air humidity can be extracted (used for extraction?) than before. If the air humidity reaches 100%, the steam is omitted through the condensation process as so called 'mizzle droplets'. The water extracted through condensation is left for further usage as for example arbitration or drinking water preparation.

Windgiant Windenergy technology


Windgiant Single turbine with 20 kW

1.Energy market is in transition:

Requires in the future new business fields and consumers and entrepreneurs will increasingly to self producers

Windgiant wind energy systems to the power production - can be postprepared with module arenas additional functions like electric loading stations, to energy storage systems, water production, drinking water processing also for a later time.

2. The global water shortage - the causes of the water crisis:

In the last 50 years the worldwide water consum-prior has risen about twice as fast as the world population itself.

The main reason is the massive expansion of irrigation for agriculture.

3. The future of electric mobility:

Mobility unites us, it lets us discover something new, meet friends, come to work, running errands. It enables us all growth and prosperity.

And it is constantly being reinvented. The result is, a secure, environmentally and climate friendly and fairer future mobility for all of us.

Future variants for regional energy and water supply security:

Security of supply needs not-only an efficient power generation on site,but also a sufficient water supply with drinking water quality. Water supplies are also increasingly threatened where water is currently seemingly available in abundance.

Windgiant® energy and water towers with double-turbine,                         or free-standing double turbines:

1. Wind energy production, efficient and very quiet, (startup at 1 m/sec - under 35 dBA)

2. Can be combined with electrical charging station (main station with up to 12 charging stations)

3. Atmospheric water generators from 5 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius (2g/per m³ of air flow)

1.Windgiant energy & water double turbines 25 kW to 75 kW:

2.Windgiant energy & water towers with double turbines: 60 kW to 3,000 kW

3.Windgiant energy single turbines: 10 kW and 20 kW

2.1. Business tower variants 60 kW, 120 kW and 200 kW:
2. 1. Water tower technology from air humidity- 15.500 l bis 43.800 l /24h (6msec)

2.2. Smart City tower variants 400 kW, 800 kW, 1600 kW and 3000 kW:

2. 2. Water tower technology from air humidity- 84.000 l bis 180.000 l /24h (6msec)

3. Windgiant® Energy & Water Tower´s with E- Car Loading Stations

Product 1: "Windgiant® Energy & Water Double Turbine Systems"


Power ratings of 25 kW, 50 kW and 75 kW, covering of transparent Plexiglas

Series 1/3: planed with 150 kW and 300 kW

Product 1/2: Atmospheric water generator - Water from the air humidity


fresh water for the population, nature and agriculture

Water & Energy production with 6 m/sec, 20° and with 2 g/m³ air in 24 H/m³ or per year/m³

Windgiant double turbine 25 kW -  7,2 m³ water/24 H  - max. 2.590 m³ water/year, +  69.620 kWh/year
Windgiant double turbine 50 kW - 11, m water/24 H - max. 4.240 m³ water/year, +139.240 kWh/year
Windgiant double turbine 75 kW - 16,4 m³ water/24 H - max. 5.900 m³ water/year + 208.860 kWh/year



Product 2: "Windgiant® Energy & Water Tower Systems:

International patented Energy Tower: International Patent: PCT AT02/00238


Windgiant® Energy Towers with Power ratings of 60 kW, 120 kW, and 200 kW

Series 2/3: Energy towers planed also with 400 kW and 800 kW,

Series 2/4: Energy towers planed also with 1.5 MW and 3 MW,

Product 2/1:Windgiant Energy Towers with E- Car Loading Station- 60kW-400 kW:


Energy tower 120 kW with E- Loading Station, +atmosheric water generator, total height 20 m

- Energy production per year at 6 m/sec = 208.800  kW/h

- Atmospheric water production at 6 m/sec and 2g/m³ airflow in 24 hours = 26.950 liter fresh water

- Atmospheric water production at 6 m/sec and 2 g/m³ airflow max. per year = 9.700.000 liter fresh water


Project 2/2: Atmospheric water generator -Water from the air humidity


Fresh water for the irrigation

Water & Energy production with 6 m/s, 20° and with 2 g/m³, air in 24 h/m³ or per year/m³

Windgiant Energy Tower    60 kW -     15,5 m³ water/24 H -    2.330 m³ water/year,  + 208.800 kWh/year
Windgiant Energy Tower  120 kW -      26,9 m³ water/24 H -   9.700 m³ water/year   + 417.600 kWh/year

Windgiant Energy Tower   200 kW -     43,8 m³ water/24 H -  15.760 m³ water/year   + 556.800 kWh/year

Windgiant Energy Tower   400 kW -     84,0 m³ water/24 H -  30.233 m³ water/year, + 1.113.920 kWh/year

Windgiant Energy & Water Towers plant also with 0,8 MW, 1,5 MW and 3 MW

Windgiant Energy Tower 3 MW502,0 m³ water/24 H -  180.650 m³ water/year + 8.355.000 kWh/year

Project 2/3: Water from the Air Humidity - making useable as Mineral Water

1._Sidel_Maintenance 2._Abfllstrasse-ifm10315

Mineral Water Filling station for still and carbonated water: 12.000 PET/h until 60.000 PET/h

Product 3: Windgiant® Energy Systems by Wave® principle:

International patented wind power turbine nozzle system: compressed nozzles + expanding diffusers
International Patent: PCT AT02/00238

Windgiant_20_kW_Silomontage Windgigant_20_kW_-_Ansicht_1_mit_Hochsilo_-_Kopie

Windgiant 20 kW, diameter turbine 4,5 m,             Windgiant 20 kW montage at high level silo


10/15  kW: 36 Turbine nozzles <<<<<>>>>> 20/30 kW: 72 Turbine nozzles <<<<>>>>50/60 kW: 120 Turbine nozzles

Energy output per turbine m2 area are by 400% to 500% higher compared to  three-bladed rotor systems.

Vortex/Bernoulli / Venturi + Wave principle:

Energy output per turbine m2 area are characterized by the massive flow accelerations in the narrow sent Venturi tower by 800% to 900%  higher, with the use of conventional rotor blade systems.

Functionality by US News: New Wind Generation technology produces 600% more energy by Venturi principles


Betz formula for wind energy use will invalidate:
Betz ''s formula loses its validity at concentrating and accelerating nozzle systems such as the venturi and Laval nozzles principle. Reference plants in America and American universities confirm this finding.

WAVE® Functionality: Wieser´sche Antigravitations Vortex Effect

"Method for Reduction to Repael Gravity by WAVE® Principle"

WAVE_System_Iteration_10- WAVE_System_Iteration_20- WAVE_System_Iteration_30-

Formation of an electromagnetic field source is rotating turbines and drive systems

3 dimensional cfd flow visualization on You Tube:

At the start acceleration of the air flow up to 200% by compacting nozzle effects

Iteration 5 -50 red region downstream of the turbine

Start up of a rotating field outside the turbine start up to 12 m/sec                                                                                          Iteration 5 to 2000 (colour yellow to greenish, molecular velocity to the local wind flow at start +200 % at 12 m/sec + 130%


Development of Windgiant Energy & Water Systems by Wave® principle: by CEO G. Wieser - Austria/Germany:

As managing partner of Marbacher power plants Ltd. and L & W power plants Ltd.(1992 to 1998), the long-standing acquired knowledge and know-how has been introduced from the hydroelectric power plant technology in the internationally patented Windgiant energy & technology systems.

The otherwise functioning WAVE ® System = Wieser'sche Anti Gravity Vortex effect results as a result versatile flow-related development work and trials at the company headquarters of Windgiant Energy & Technology Systems in Austria.

See References on website at hydropower plants 1 & 2

link: references -Hydro power plants 1 & 2


Video Windgiant 20 kW at 70 to 170 U/min, hub height at location 8 m at roughness class 4, energy efficiency  from the airflow 13 %, without noise


Windgiant 20 kW

P1020494_640x480 P1020493_640x480



Windpower and Water Technology

Fluidic accelerating turbine technology

Windpower-Technology 1: Windgiant
® Windpower plants from 25 kW to 3.000 kW

-  More
times increase in performance per m2 of rotor area compared to Three-winger 2-12 m / sec.
-  Tunnel effect - implosion process - exploitation of concentrated energy
Starting wind speed start up of 0,5 m / sec
-  Far lower switch-on speed of 1,5 m/sec - 2 m/sec
-  No shadow effect
-  Flywheel effect - optimal towing performance between the wind gusts
-  Permissible noise levels even in residential areas (under 40 dPA), at distance of 1 m
-  Versatile own electricity supply applications  und im Netzparallelbetrieb
-  Mobile application is possible of 25 kW,  and 50 kW WINDGIANT double turbine systems
-  Off-grid solutions
-  Additional features such as Tankbefüllstation for electric and hybrid cars for the 21st Century
-  Production according to DIN EN 61400-2
-  Wind giant wind turbines enable efficient contribution to CO2 reduction

Windgiant® wind turbine - technology by Vortex- Venturi & Wave principle:

Formula for single turbines: P = 0,5*p*(v+vz)³ *A

Formula for double turbines: P1 = 0,5*p*(v+vz)³ *A + P2 = 0,5*p*(v+vz)³ *A

vz = addition wind speed

Windgiant® Energy tower - technology by Vortex- Venturi & Wave principle:

Formula for single turbines: P = 0,5*p*(v+vz)³ *A

Formula for double turbines: P1 = 0,5*p*(v+vz)³ *A + P2 = 0,5*p*(v+vz)³ *A



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