Clean Energy and Fresh Water

Smart Energy & Water Technology - every kWh and every litre counts !

Windgiant Double Turbine with 50 kW,  -  Energy + Water + E-loading station

 Englisch_E-Tower__HomepageWindgiant Energy and Water Tower 120 kW  -  Energy + Water + E-loading station


Water extraction through condensation out of the air flow

The condensation appears when the air cools down. If the air temperature decreases, less air humidity can be extracted (used for extraction?) than before. If the air humidity reaches 100%, the steam is omitted through the condensation process as so called 'mizzle droplets'. The water extracted through condensation is left for further usage as for example arbitration or drinking water preparation.


Water generation even within absolutely calm conditions through double turbine

As well as motor fan operation. This is ensured by the second turbine being capable of operating in the finest vacuum ranges with low energy consumption.


Modular expansion system creates more values

Windgiant wind energy systems can be postprepared with module arenas additional functions like electric loading stations, to energy storage systems, water production, drinking water processing also for a later time.


Product line I

 Windgiant Double Turbines - Energy & Water Technology

25 kW,
                                                     WiG 50 kW                                                     WiG 75 kW

Atmospheric Water Generator - Water from the air humidity

Fresh water for the population, nature and agriculture

Water production with 6 m/sec, 20° and with 2 g/m³ air in 24h/m³ or per year/m³

  • WiG double turbine 25 kW -   7,2 m³ or  7.200 litre water / 24h - max. 2.590 m³ water/year
  • WiG double turbine 50 kW - 11,8 m³ or 11.800 litre water / 24h - max. 4.240 m³ water/year
  • WiG double turbine 75 kW - 16,4 m³ or 16.400 litre water / 24h - max. 5.900 m³ water/year

Product line II

Windgiant Energy and Water Tower Technology

Energieturm-60-120-200_kW-_1600x1280       WiG Energy tower 60 kW         WiG Energy tower 120 kW,        WiG Energy tower 200 kW


Atmospheric Water Generator -Water from the air humidity

Fresh water for the irrigation

Water production with 6 m/s, 20° and with 2 g/m³, air in 24 h/m³ or per year/m³

  • WiG Energy Tower   60 kW - 15,5 m³ or 15.500 litre water / 24h -  2.330 m³ water/year
  • WiG Energy Tower 120 kW - 26,9 m³ or 26.900 litre water / 24h -   9.700 m³ water/year
  • WiG Energy Tower 200 kW - 43,8 m³ or 43.800 litre water / 24h - 15.760 m³ water/year
  • WiG Energy Tower 400 kW - 84,0 m³ or 84.000 litre water / 24h - 30.233 m³ water/year



Water from the Air Humidity - making useable as Mineral Water

1._Sidel_Maintenance 2._Abfllstrasse-ifm10315Mineral Water Filling station for still and carbonated water: 12.000 PET/h until 60.000 PET/h



Product line III

Windgiant Energy Towers with E- Car Loading Station:


Energy tower 120 kW with E- Loading Station, +atmosheric water generator, total height 20 m

  • Energy production per year at 6 m/sec = 208.800  kW/h
  • Atmospheric water production at 6 m/sec and 2g/m³ airflow in 24 hours = 26.950 liter fresh water
  • Atmospheric water production at 6 m/sec and 2 g/m³ airflow max. per year = 9.700.000 liter fresh water

Product line VI

Windgiant Single turbine Energy Technology:

WiG 20 kW, Single turbine d= 4,5 m,  montiert auf Hochsilo